Tom Ford Named a New Lipstick After Cardi B and It Sold Out

Cardi B.
Here’s a fun side-plot to the New York Fashion Week feuding between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B: Tom Ford has gotten somewhat involved by immortalizing the latter rapper in lipstick form and he doesn’t care who knows it. Backstage at Tom Ford’s spring 2019 showlast Wednesday, the brand’s beauty division debuted a new batch of lipsticks under theirBoys & Girls line, a collection of 50+ lipsticks named after real-life humans you’ve probably heard of (Armie, Sonja, Cristiano, Chadwick), and even some you probably went to school with and are still Facebook friends with for some reason (Ashley, Jessica, Tony). Here’s where things get interesting: Cardi, a new sparkly blue shade, was one of several lipsticks recently added to the lineup last week. It was also the first individual lipstick the brand chose to promo on Instagram this past Saturday, one day after the wholeHarper’s incident. Is this Tom Ford taking an official stance of being Team Cardi without having to wear a shirt that reads “Team Cardi”? Was this Instagram post already scheduled days before the Icons party altercation took place and this all just a fun, opportune coincidence? Is the turnaround time for creating a sparkly blue lipstick less than 24 hours? Does anyone remember Nicki’s M.A.C Viva Glam lipstick collaboration andthe two lipsticks after that?! There are still many questions left to be answered, and while some commenters were disappointed with Tom Ford’s decision to align with Cardi during this controversial time, the blue lipstick quickly sold out in one day, which is almost as fast as Nicki’s hair color changes between runway shows and after-parties. Sorry! 

Trump Delivers $267 Billion Trade Escalation Out Of The Clear Blue Sky (Figuratively and Literally)

Donald Trump apparently wasn’t satisfied that people were worried enough about the prospect of tariffs on an additional $200 billion in Chinese goods.

As a reminder, the public comment period on the proposed next round of duties expired on Thursday and suffice to say the administration has been warned. Tech companies including Cisco and HP sent letters to the USTR on Thursday as the comment period lapsed. Other correspondence sent to Robert Lighthizer stressed that small and medium-sized enterprises as well as manufacturers are struggling to adapt to the new trade regime and won’t be nimble enough the deftly navigate the increasingly choppy waters in which global supply chains are being disrupted.

The problem, for the hundredth time, is that in addition to the threat the trade frictions pose to global growth (and, implicitly, to developing economies), the next round of tariffs on Chinese imports will invariably drive up prices on consumer goods in the U.S., potentially setting the stage for more inflation pressure and a more hawkish Fed.

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The imposition of levies on an additional $200 billion in Chinese goods will immediately be met with retaliation from Beijing in the form of differentiated duties on $60 billion in U.S. products.

The question mark around the next escalation between Washington and Beijing relates to whether Trump will opt for a 25% duty or a 10% levy. There’s a ton more on that here, but the bottom line is that the higher the tariff rate, the more upside risk for inflation and the more downside for risk assets.

On Friday, Trump added another question mark.

While speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One, the President indicated that he may slap tariffs on another $267 billion in Chinese goods on top of the prospective duties on $200 billion in products. There’s no readily discernible reason why he would have said that today and given that his comments came while aboard the presidential jet, this latest escalation comes out of the clear blue sky, both figuratively and literally.

Here is the actual quote:

I hate to do this, but behind [the $200 billion] there is another $267 billion ready to go on short notice if I want.

That hypothetical second tranche would bring the total amount of Chinese goods taxed to around $500 billion (the initial duties on $50 billion in goods that were implemented in two steps on July 6 and August 23 + tariffs on $200 billion more expected this month + this new threat against $264 billion in items). That’s consistent with Trump’s “I’ll go to $500 billion” rhetoric from July.

Still unanswered is what the rate would be (i.e. 10% or 25%) and also up for grabs is whether he’s even serious at this point or whether he’s just saying whatever pops into his head while cruising around on a plane on the way another to one of his MAGA rallies in Fargo, where he’ll try to help raise cash for GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer’s Senate race (in the interest of accuracy, it’s actually not a rally, it’s a private fundraiser).

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Earlier today, Larry Kudlow made the media rounds, and here’s what he had to say about the tariffs, when pressed by Bloomberg:

He made similar comments to CNBC.

Trump’s new threats lend still more credence to the notion that this administration really has no intention of deescalating this situation. Trump needs battles to fight and windmills at which to tilt, especially in light of the fact that the tariffs are starting to hit home for folks in the farm belt.

There’s a narrative out there that says Trump “needs” or “wants” wins on trade ahead of the midterms. I continue to think that’s the wrong way to look at things. Trump needs, more than anything, an excuse to fire up his base and that base cares far more about finding confirmation bias for their misguided belief that globalism and nefarious foreigners are responsible for the decline of flyover America than they do about reality and actual results.

Six Parts Of Your Body You Are Most Likely Not Washing Well Enough

It’s not enough to rub that bar of soap across your body as you have to do a whole better if your intention is to keep your body sparkling clean. These are the parts that you should be lathering up regularly to keep them clean, fresh, and free of potentially harmful bacteria.

Behind Your Ears
The warm and recessed area of your ears is full of sebaceous glands which secrete sebum that provides an ideal hiding place for Staph aureus and Tinea capitis. If not cleaned daily, may start to produce a musty odor.

Belly Button
Belly buttons are warm, with nooks and crevices, which make them a great place for bacteria to hide. Swab your belly button daily with a cotton swab soaked in warm, soapy water or alcohol.

If you have a pierced belly button, it’s even more important to wash it regularly to prevent infections.

A lot of the time, people only think of their teeth and gums when talking about dental hygiene and do not provide enough attention to the tongue, or they think that by using mouthwash, they can get it clean enough.

However, the tongue has lots of little ridges and bumps that can hide bacteria, resulting in bad breath and even tooth damage if not cleaned regularly.

Brush your tongue with your toothbrush while you are brushing your teeth or use a tongue scraper.

While you may wash your hair regularly, how much attention are you paying to your scalp? While it’s not necessary to wash your hair daily, it is important to scrub and massage your scalp daily to avoid buildup of dead skin cells, that body mites and bacteria feast on.

Massaging your scalp daily with warm water not only increases blood flow but helps to manually remove the dead cells which can lead to dandruff

Your Back
Although your back gets wet while you’re standing in the shower, it needs to get much mor attention. You can buy a back scrubber or have your partner wash it for you with an exfoliating bath sponge, loofah, or washcloth at least two to three times a week to reduce the risk of developing skin and soft-tissue infections.

Under Your Fingernails
While you most likely wash your hands after using the restroom, but if you’re not scrubbing under your nails, you’re only doing half the job.

Faecal bacteria can set up shop and colonize in the area under your nails, and it is best to soak a cotton swab with warm, soapy water and swabbing it under your nails to gently remove bacteria and debris. Keeping nails short can also help prevent bacteria from thriving.

Alleged killer of xxxtentacion found and arrested

A 22-year-old tattoo artist has been arrested for the murder of rapper XXXTentacion who was fatally shot on Monday, June 18th in South Florida.

Deerfield Beach police arrested the local tattoo artist named Dedrick Devonshay Williams, aka Tattoman Chuckie, and he’s reportedly been charged with first-degree murder.

Dedrick’s charge sheet has been released and it shows that, in addition to murder, he was also charged with a probation violation. He was on probation for auto theft.